Paperhanger Policies


We help you spend your money well.

Guarantee: All our labor is guaranteed, for one year from the completion of the job.  “Callbacks,” though, are welcome.  The reason for the one-year limit is that an interior will cycle through changes of humidity and temperature in a year, and any problems caused by the installation will be apparent.  After that time period, almost all problems are due to ambient conditions (like humidity) or underlying unstable coatings (we routinely test for this condition with an adhesion test, so this is rare).  However careful and thorough we try to be, we are not responsible for prior or future coatings or conditions.

Payment: All payment is due upon completion of the job, unless prior arrangements were made.  Paperhanger, Ltd. is a registered GA corporation, and is licensed and insured.  Insurance certificates are available upon request.

Subcontractors: We do our own work.   However, there are individuals who we will call in to help on projects.  We are responsible for anyone we bring on a job.

Problems/complaints: Outside our Guarantee, we will be glad to look at any issue you are having with a wallcovering we have installed.  Our goal is your satisfaction with your material choice and with our services.  We’d like to hear of any problems or complaints that you have that you think we can or should address.

Generally, we will also take a look at any existing wallcovering problem you have, and offer suggestions.  We can also consult or provide written reports, for a fee.

Site/ materials requirements: Wallcoverings all come with their own specifications, but almost all need a consistent ‘room temperature’ between 55 and 90 degrees, an ambient relative humidity between 25-50%, and sound, dry surfaces.  As installers, we need these things plus: the permanent lighting must be available, the workspace finished, and a source of water available.  If any of these conditions are absent we must be notified prior to the scheduled day.  As a rule of thumb, the wallcovering should be the last thing installed in a space (this is not always applicable on commercial jobs).

Client requests: We are a service, so we aim to please.  Often, we’re in someone’s home, and his or her needs and/or requests take precedence.  Clients are always treated with respect.  However, if you have special requests, please let us know at the time of the estimate.  We don’t bring problems to a job, we offer solutions.